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Doug's Performing...come and be amazed

Sup 'm performing as a eatured poet next monday and here goes the official flyer if u want more info reply to this post and let me know if i should be expecting you. Plus I'm not getting paid for this but there will be a donation hat that would be passed around so don't get all Jewish on me and make me entertain you for free or else that's your ass...
Read flyer
"Loose Tongues at the Bazaar Café – the poems flow Monday May 26, 7-9 pm"

Come out for a great night! of entertainment, people, art, and community. The space is fun, live, and warm, the drinks and snacks are good whatever you’re having. The crowd is animated, great to watch, and full of energized SF and Bay Area people, And the poets and writers let loose with the words and rhymes, spicy and sweet and inspiring.

The time has come for LooseTongues, come have a taste! For our premiere, our first night, our coming out party, we have an amazing line-up of talent. Featuring:

**Amy MacLennan** -- published in Rattle, South Dakota Review,Confluence, and the recently released So Luminous the Wildflowers, An Anthology of California Poets (Tebot Bach). Amy once got paid with three pounds of whole bean coffee for a poem.

**Doug Mungin aka D Silence** -- newcomer to the bay area spoken word scene. Burst out the gate by qualifying for the Berzerkeley Semi-finals in his first two slams. Member of the slam group Thrown By Chinese Ninjas.

**Erica Geller** -- will be reading from her new book, Letters to America, being released next year by River Wood Books (find out more at http://www.letterstoamerica.net). She’ll share letters and perspectives from humans around the globe writing what they think and feel about the US. How do you feel about America?

**Amy Miller ** her poetry and fiction have appeared in many magazines, ranging from Borderlands and Rattapallax to Asimov's Science Fiction. Raised in California, Colorado, and Massachusetts, she's a cultural trainwreck.

… And your host ** Lorne Needle **, thrower of poems on love, politics and various licks on life; would be community-builder and social engineer; and rumored former large animal veterinarian.

The format: We start sharp at 7 pm, featured poets for most of the first hour. After a break the mic and floor pop open for anyone who’s got a poem or written work to share (five minutes max), and a Loose Tongue to work with. That means you - Come make us think or feel or jump with that thing you’ve written – and don’t worry, it’s good enough! Just find Lorne and sign the list to perform.

Join us on Monday night, May 26, 7-9 PM at the Bazaar Café, located at 5927 California Street / 21st Avenue in the Richmond District. Young people are welcome. For more info call Lorne at 516-1771, check the website -- http://www.bazaarcafe.com/ -- or call the Bazaar at (415) 831-5620.
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