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Teams Token Black guy speaks

Since you lazy bastards won't do it I guess I have to start posting shit. I'm glad this season is over cuz I got tired of seeing all of your damn faces and luckily won't again til 3 months. Since Iwant to get away from 4n6 (noone ever do these initials again), I'm doing slam with Kevin now and are group of D,Silence (me) and Brian Chesco (kevin) named Thrown By Chinese Ninjas are doing slam in the bay area, i'm a couple of points away from qualifying for the berkeley sems so if anyone actually gives a flying fuck, back link me, do not call me, or email me cuz i will act like i didnt even receive that shit. Hopefully this would start some convos on this shitty community. Late
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It's spelled Brian Chesko! BTW, if you're open on May 30th, I'm talking to this guy to see if we can perform at this art festival thingie called "Because Art Matters." I hosted it for the past 3 years, so I have some connections. I'm not sure if they are having spoken word this year, as they change shit up all the time, but if they do, we're as good as in.